Old Volvo Kicks Ass, Can't Die, Keeps Kicking Ass

So apparently there’s a bunch of super cool people with a junk yard. Not only that, but these particular super cool people film themselves going absolutely demolition-derby-dooda on some cars, mainly behind the wheel of an unstoppable Volvo wagon.


They frequently update their YouTube channel with videos of their mayhem, and luckily for us they’ve compiled the best of their stuff into one long crashtastic montage above.

I’ve recently spoken up about my secret desire to watch vehicles get absolutely destroyed, so this Krimson37 YouTube channel will be my obsession for the next few weeks.

I counted 32 collisions.. with ONE Volvo 850 wagon. Hell, it still looks mint after the first few hits.

Seriously, I will pay to do this / see this live.



...and this is why my teenage daughter will be driving a Volvo.