Infiniti Q30: This Is It

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The Infiniti Q30 is the small, Mercedes-based small hatchback that anyone who cares about the brand has been waiting for and it looks quite similar to the concept. Could this be the car that makes people care about Infiniti?


Infiniti apparently showed the Europeans the photo above as a trailer and got a photo of the car’s rear. Infiniti also released an interior photo this morning:

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We don’t know much else, but we do know is that the Q30 shares its MFA platform with the Mercedes CLA and GLA and, like those two models, we’re also expecting a slightly more crossover-y version called the QX30.

How they’ll differentiate this from the Mercedes in terms of pricing and powertrain remains to be seen. More on this as we get it. What do you think?

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story claims the top photo leaked when, actually, Infiniti themselves showed this photo themselves back in July.

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Thats a pretty sweet cx-3.