Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

I don’t know about you but I wish everyday was Talk Like a Pirate Day. Our Nice Price or Crack Pipe contender Integra says “R” like it’s Peg Leg Pete, but will its cobbled-together nature prevent you from giving its price an aye matey?

Speaking of booty, Miley Cyrus says that spending her formative years playing someone she is not - that being Hannah Montana - gave her body dysmorphia, an issue that she has apparently attempted to mask with many tattoos.


That’s really nothing to make light of, but does it bring up the body issues that arose with last Friday’s 1989 Honda CRX custom convertible. That car proved that there’s just no right way to make a 2nd-en CRX a drop top and not make it look like one of Iron Man’s bedroom slippers. Naturally, that unnatural appearance abetted in the car’s nearly forty five hundred dollar price tag earning a 77% Crack Pipe loss. Sorry Texas.

I don’t know what it is about Japanese cars and not leaving well enough alone, but this 1994 Acura Integra four door also has been modified since leaving the factory, albeit in some pretty positive ways.


Offered as a Type R, and rocking that generation Integra’s JDM nose, this clean sedan looks to be how Honda would have rocked their sportiest small Acura had they offered a Type R in 1994. With that nose and rear wing the Integra looks uncomfortably similar to an older Mitsubishi Mirage from the side. Upon closer inspection however, this car has lots of tweaks that you’ll probably dig.

First and foremost among those is the B18c5 DOHC VTEC four now residing under the hood. This is the hot B18 which in U.S. guise was good for 195-bhp. Here that 1998 mill is said to have been rebuilt to stock specs, sports only 1,500 “break in” miles, and comes with a California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) sticker. That last item is like a Willie Wonka Golden Ticket for driving the car in California.


Backing up yhe BAR’d mill is a five-speed stick with a JDM 4.7-final LSD. The engine gets a mild wire tuck, which I guess is a thing, and it does come with A/C in case you thought the builder had gone both totally authentic and totally nuts.

A/C was a delete option on the JDM Type R, as were airbags, a radio, clock, and other ancillary elements. That all made the Type R lighter, and made up for the additional bracing the model received to imbue it with even better handling than the GS-R.


Visually, the car looks the part, sporting the aforementioned JDM nose as well as the wing and JDM rear bumper. The interior is a mix of JDM and USDM and the car is a left-hooker which makes trips to In-N-Out a hell of a lot less confusing for all involved.

The airbags are missing, but in consolation the passenger gets a handy tray while the driver gets a sweet R-badge three-spoke. On the downside, those snug as yo’ mama’s womb Recaros don’t come with the car. Instead it’s being sold with stock US Integra Type R seats. You do get JDM back seats and door panels if that makes you feel any better.


Also on the not-included list are the wheels, as the car comes with Honda Civic 5-lug R wheels. Other pertinent facts are 148,000 miles on the car (remember only 1,500 on the motor), the note in the ad that the car is visually “not perfect,” and additionally that it comes with a clean title.

The asking price to join this Acura’s “R-my” is $9,500 and if you look around at other Integras for sale you’ll find that this looks to be among the cleanest. Of course $9,500 is a lot of pirate booty for a once mid-level Japanese car that’s old enough to drink.


What’s your take on this Integra and its $9,500 price? Is that a deal for such a carefully crafted homage? Or, is that price to high for this R and R?

You decide!


Orange County CA Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to BaT in case any Acura ever appeared on there, ever.

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