Mustang Idiot Peels Out Of Car Show, Plows Into Crowd On Sidewalk

For today’s reminder of why we can’t have nice things, watch this dingus peel out of a car show all the way over a curb and into a crowd of onlookers. And hey, look, he managed to cut somebody off in the process. At least we can laugh about it because nobody was hurt, apparently.

Uploader Maryland Exotic Cars says they caught this at the 2015 Annapolis Car Show. The Mustang was apparently not the only car to get a little too excited on the exit, here’s a Monte Carlo that missed getting splatted by a few feet at the same show.

For what it’s worth, at least one commenter on this YouTube clip claims the Mustang pilot did not “flee,” but pulled up and checked on everybody after the camera stopped rolling.

Guys, seriously, I’m not trying to be your mom here but after seeing this exact video with so many different cars at so many different corners of Anytown, USA SO MANY TIMES... how does anyone still think it’s a good idea to make a dramatic exit from a car show! Stop peeling out at car shows, for fuck’s sake!


Best possible scenario; you reveal yourself to be an attention whore. Most plausible scenario: you irk the locals and cops and get the car show cancelled for everybody else. Worst case scenario: you royally fuck up your shit and kill somebody. Conclusion: Do not do a burn out on your way out of a car show.

Save yourself the embarrassment, learn your car’s handling characteristics at a track or at least an empty parking lot far, far away from drink-holding onlookers and the unrelenting gaze of cellphone cameras.

Hat tip to Laz!


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yet another preventable tragedy