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What's The Most Worthless Car Mod?

Illustration for article titled Whats The Most Worthless Car Mod?

The only thing worse than spending $25 for a fake sunroof is when somebody realizes you’ve spent $25 on a fake sunroof.


Above is a dummy sunroof, which has been going around the internet since 2007. Most recently it popped up on Reddit’s r/funny and r/ShittyCarMods.

What’s the most pointless mod you’ve ever seen?

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Future next gen S2000 owner

Cold Air Intakes:

I’ve got one. Just about everyone I know who races has one. I know of zero that made any measurable gains on a dyno. Also if your CAI bring in air from your engine bay, it is not a cold air intake.

This pic above fails at being a CAI. The pic below is a slightly better CAI.