Watch Kimi Räikkönen Smile A Million Times In Two Minutes

Everything is perfect about this video. Lord March’s paintings, the part that reveals how Kimi Räikkönen is not quite sure just what the hell he drove up the hill and of course the closing line with the toilet, in true Kimi fashion.

And the Golden Globe goes to Goodwood Road & Racing.

As for Ken Block, we can certainly forgive him for mixing up Formula-1’s complicated cylinder number regulations, especially because he puts on quite a show with the Hoonicorn all weekend.

Nice job messing up Lord March’s lawn, but we can’t help but wonder what sort of time could this car actually achieve up the hill without the donuts, equipped with a set of stickier tires and some longer gears.


That’s something we may never find out.

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This is why I love Kimi. He’s always cool, calm and collected and he seems so down to earth. A guy you could have a beer with at your local pub.