The reality of the Festival of Speed is that at least five crashes are expected to happen throughout the weekend each year. Unfortunately, this year’s first one took out a Mazda 767B.

Mazda is the main sponsor of the Festival of Speed. They set up a fantastic central feature and also brought two 767Bs, a 787 and a 787B, a 757, a Tiga-Mazda GT286 and an RX7-GTO to celebrate rotary power and Mazda’s motorsport heritage.

Then, this happened to the 202 car, which is a 1989 767B that was doing a timed lap up the hill instead of just a demo ride.

At least we can say she was racing.

The Goodwood Hillclimb Course has two dangerous points: The wall and the Molecomb corner.

Rotaries of the world, one minute of silence please.

Photo credit: Robert Stokes/Jalopnik

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