The Gargantuan Youabian Puma Made Its TV Debut Last Night

The second season of Spike Feresten’s Car Matchmaker debuted on the Esquire Network last night, and it kicked things off with a bang. A hulking, blue, $1.1 million bang in the form of a ride in the Youabian Puma.

Feresten tried to match up fashion company manager Geoff Walker with a new convertible to replace his aging Audi, and evidently he thought this massive beast of a car — built by a guy who threatened to sue us once for writing about how hideous it was — would give an idea of what’s at the extreme of the market.

I actually saw this thing during our PCH trip as we were coming into Los Angeles, parked in a lot off some freeway (the car is quite hard to miss.) That was a nice surprise. “IT’S THE FUCKING PUMA!” I screamed, to which my wife replied “WHAT IS THAT I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT MOST OF THE TIME.” Oh, we have fun.


I haven’t seen the new episode of Car Matchmaker yet but I’m assuming Walker passed on the vehicle, because it’s currently on sale at Exotic Euro Cars for the low, low price of $259,000. That’s a hefty discount from its original price tag of more than $1 million.

Any takers? Most of the cars in LA are pretty close to being this ridiculous anyway. You may not even stand out that much.

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Money Hustard

Why is this happening?

Why does the Puma continue to happen?