It’s eight thirty in the morning here at Goodwood and Lord March’s backyard is ready for some rock ‘n roll. This year’s Festival of Speed packs more unbelievable cars than your mind can comprehend. We got the list.

We had a short walk around the premises yesterday evening before setting up our tents and grabbing a beer, and while many of the cars were still under their covers or hidden in their trailers, what we saw so far is already more than one could ask for. All sorts of race cars from F1 to trophy trucks, numerous Le Mans winners, couchbuilt one-offs, prototypes, the latest and greatest supercars, Goodwood has it all.


This list is far from being complete as this is pretty much a subject to change gig with all those old machines being stubborn, but dig in and watch your eyes go wide:

Goodwood Festival of Speed Entry List 2015 Provisional

I’ll try to get as much as I can, but we’ll also be streaming the Festival of Speed live here on Jalopnik.

Stay tuned!


Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik


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