I was out driving our motor-carriage yesterday when I saw this red pickup here. It looked a lot like many of the mildly-modded trucks I see around, but with one difference: it appeared to be hauling a very heavy invisible load of something. Probably a replacement turbofan for that jet Wonder Woman uses?

The rear suspension was almost grounded out, with a couple of inverted tow balls to presumably throw some sparks, and the front looked almost lifted, affording the driver a view out the window that had to be at least 80% sky. Really, it looked like he was hauling a massive pile of anvils or those spherical dumbells those tubby carnival strongmen wearing leapord pelts would lift.

So, is this a thing? The Ghost Cargo look? Am I missing out on something established, or have I found, by chance, the vanguard of this new Unseen Haulage trend?

I hope this is a thing. I bet it would work for cars, too — trunk lids and hatches permanently propped open, rear suspension bottoming out, rear seats folded, carpets carefully brushed to give the illusion of compression, and headlights that point uselessly into the trees.

Ooh, or maybe roof racks with bungie cords reinforced with wire so they appeared to be restraining a large, cubical volume that just wasn’t there — this is like the invisible dog leas-gag of car style trends!


I can’t wait to see more of these Phantom Luggage cars or Cloaked Cargo riders or whatever they end up calling themselves.

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