Ask McLaren P1 Owner And LA Angels Pitcher C.J. Wilson Anything You Want

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C.J. Wilson is known to some people as a guy who throws a small round ball very fast, which is strange, because to us he’s the guy who owns a hyperblurple McLaren P1, runs car dealerships, and has a racing team. And now he’s here to answer your questions.


C.J. has been a motorsports fan for most of his life but as a pitcher he can’t just wander out on the track whenever he wants (In fact, his contract makes it hard for him to get out on track).

That doesn’t mean he isn’t actively involved motorsports – the first time I met C.J. he was wandering around the U.S. Grand Prix fan zone with a camera and a big ass smile on his face. And by owning C.J. Wilson Racing, he’s laying the groundwork to become a fulltime racing driver once his baseball career is over.

But right now, he’s in town pitching against the Yankees. He has some downtime and wants to answer whatever it is you might ask. Have a car question? Fire away. Baseball? Sure, why not. Other things? Ask away. He’ll be here for the next hour. Let’s get started!

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Tom McParland

Hey I didn’t know until I read the post that you run some car dealerships. Did you ever sell cars? If so do you have a favorite story about a customer or a specific car you sold? What made you interested in running car dealerships?