Ask Veteran F1 Commentator Leigh Diffey Anything

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This weekend is the Monaco Grand Prix, the crown jewel of the F1 calendar. The race will be live on NBC on Sunday morning at 7:30 EST. Leigh Diffey is the veteran commentator that will be calling the race, and he’s here now to answer your questions.


This F1 season has seen Mercedes continue their domination, the re-emergence of Ferrari, as well as McLaren struggling and Alonso mysteriously crashing in testing. On the surface it might not be the most exciting season ever, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes that has piqued interest.

Leigh will be here for 30 minutes or so starting at 12:30 EST. Get your questions in!


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Andrew P. Collins

Thanks for being here Mr. Diffey!

Love to hear your opinion on why should we be watching F1 over any other genre of racing. Obviously, the cars are extremely fast and stakes are high... But what’s unique to F1 racing that sportsfans are missing out on if they’re not watching it?