Top Gear Trio's Possible Netflix Show Could Be Called House Of Cars

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Top Gear has been off the air for a few months now. It’s sad. But there is a chance that Clarkson, Hammond, and May could have a show on Netflix. The title? House of Cars. Get it?


The name was given to The Mirror by a pal of the trio who said “if it goes ahead, they’re planning to call it House of Cars, which is just genius.”

Of course, it’s a play on the Netflix hit House of Cards. Clarkson, Hammond, May, and former show chief Andy Wilman have reportedly been in discussions with Netflix for a little while.


The original show will reportedly soldier on with a new cast.

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Truth be told, I was really hoping that they would take this opportunity to do something different rather than just keep going in the same tracks. Comparing the early seasons to the recent, TG had grown so incredibly stale or artificial. Either one of them needed to be replaced to shake up the dynamics and bring back the chemistry, or they needed an entirely new format.

Sure, so far we know nothing of this new show, but the idea that it will contain all three of them plus Wilman makes me worried that it will just be more of the same.