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Father Guido Sarducci's endorsement of the Handsome Boy Modeling School:

"...their sixty dollar course has changed my life. Since my graduation I've traveled to Prague, Milan, Paris, and Buffalo, New York. And I now drive a fifty-thousand dollar LaForza automobile. With full suede package, with subwoofer, and with specially designed custom glass rims."

And now you too can own a LaForza! This one doesn't have the blinged-out options like Father Guido has, but it's a better deal — if you can call owning a LaForza a deal. More after the jump.


The LaForza was an obscure Italian SUV made a few years back. It's supposed to compete with the Range Rover. Our personal knowledge of the LaForza is lacking, so if you know anything feel free to contribute in the comments.

We can giveyou some juicy bits from the item description, which may or may not be borrowed from a 1989 Car and Driver article:

And, although the La Forza uses an American Ford 5.0 liter engine, and a stout, Chrysler four-wheel drive system, the La Forza is Indeed Italian. It has a suspension derived from a Fiat built army truck, a sumptuous leather interior, and an all steel body that spends nine hours going though the same Pinninfarina line where the Ferrari Testarossa is painted.

Indeed. Also, the powertrain was assembled in Brighton, Michigan. Like we said we have no idea how the LaForza holds up, let alone drives. This one only has 57,000 miles and looks to be in pretty amazing shape. And think about this — you finally have a chance to own a rare, luxury Italian car.

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