Two Brothers Built These Two 800 Horsepower Tire Burning Monsters

Gatebil is Norway’s series of events celebrating the ability of hundreds and hundreds of horsepower to absolutely vaporize a full set of tires. Two brothers perfectly embody the scene.


Above is Kenneth Alm in his new AWD and apparently 800 horsepower Scirocco. His brother Flemming runs this Audi S2, again with about 800 hp.


High octane must run in the blood or something.

Two-wheel drive is not forgotten either — just look at this Supra.

Watch the whole thing from Tor Andre Børresen aka above. It was shot at Vinjarmoen circuit in Dokka, Norway.

Try not to be jealous.

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Gatebil is on my list of motorsports events to attend at least once. Speedhunters routinely has builds featured from the event and they are just absurd. Viper V10 powered Nissan S cars, M5 powered Supras, and other ridiculous swaps are run of the mill over there.