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Delphi announced that they will be making the fancy-schmancy magnetorheological dampers on the new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. So that means the 599's dampers will be just like ones on MagnaRide-equipped GM vehicles? Let's all hope that the 599's suspension is a little more well sorted out than the one on the Cadillac XLR. Delphi will also supply the climate control system and electrical system for the 599.

Delphi, as you know, is bankrupt, so the promise of future business is good news. But it's bad news for Ferrari — what happens if Delphi goes under, or has (more) labor problems? Nobody else makes those dampers. And on that note, we're a little saddened that one of the biggest tech pieces on the new 599 comes from an outside supplier instead of Maranello. But we still dig the pentagram wheels.


[Update: Avid reader K says there won't be a problem with parts. "Technically, even if Delphi went under, it would still continue to supply the Ferrari systems. This is because the bankruptcy only covers the U.S. Plants. Europe, South America, China, etc., are all completely separate businesses. It's kind of a dorky business point, but an important distinction nonetheless." She also mentions that Delphi supplies HVAC systems to all Ferrari cars. Thanks, K!]

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