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It's hard to estimate how many times we've heard people complain that the all-new Ford Focus is only available globally. The number is somewhere in the gazillions. Seriously, we get it. You say you'd shell out the same amount of money it costs for a Ford Fusion for the Euro/Global Focus if it was sold at your local dealer. You're lying, but we get it. To make you feel even worse, the St. Petersburg plant that makes the darn things for that side of the world just put the finishing touches on the high quality interior of the 100,000th example of said Focus. Suck on that for a minute. Some formerly communist Russian dude is driving around in an economical, feel-good hatch while you, a hard-working American, is stuck with the same old Focus your older sister took to college or the new Fusion that doesn't drive as well as a Mazda6. Makes you mad doesn't it?

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