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If you're in the high-fidelity first-class traveling set, and you think you need to buy a Lear jet, then you'll need a place to park your exotic car when you're away on travel. Did we say park? We meant to say that you'll need a condo for your car when you're away. That's right, a condo. Park Place Car Condos to be more precise. Right now they're in North Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and if Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has taught us anything, secure storage is sorely needed in that locale. But it's so much more than just a garage. Yeah, it's 24-hour security and a fire protection system. But it also has climate and humidity control. Each condo has a private bathroom. Oh yes, there's more.

There's also a full valet service. Need your car dropped off or picked up at your house? They can take car of that. They can also take your exotic to a service appointment, or chauffer you to the airport. And, of course, they offer full-service auto detailing. You can even get a large spot to park your RV. Locations in Vegas, Scottsdale, Orlando, and New York are "Coming Soon".

Park Place Exotic Car Storage and Garage Facility

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