What Car Most Represents Its Country Of Origin?

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Gearheads seem to have an unusual knack for telling where a car is from based on the most fleeting of glances. Cars are saturated with the design and ideas of the lands they hail from. So what car is the most representative of its home country?


There’s a surprising amount of idiosyncratic culture and modes of thinking based on nationality and a common set of ideals that somehow get worked into cars. There’s just some cars that simply could not have come from anywhere else, and it’s fascinating that you can drive to work such an encapsulation of a national character.

For me, I think the Subaru Sambar Classic has to be the most representative of its homeland of anything else I can think of. This is a vehicle that would never have been even considered outside of Japan. It’s a Kei-class car, which is already wildly particular to Japan, and as such it demonstrates the phenomenal utilization of space that the densely-populated Japan demands.

Even more so, the whimsical retro-fun design is something that it seems only Japan can pull off, somehow. Japanese ne0-retro cars manage to be fun, not take themselves too seriously, and find some unexpected way to make an classic Bugatti-type chrome grille work on a 660cc micro-van.

It’s Japanese through and through, and there’s no way it could be anything else.

You loons probably have some even better examples, from all over the world. Let’s see what you got!


sm70- why not Duesenberg?

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