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Why Is This Tesla Model X Prototype Swerving On The Freeway?

Illustration for article titled Why Is This Tesla Model X Prototype Swerving On The Freeway?

Tesla has littered the Bay Area with Model X prototypes over the past few months, and this latest video shows either some kind of lane-keeping feature or a really bad test driver. Maybe both.


The short clip claims to be filmed on Interstate 280, close to Tesla’s headquarters, with the camo’d Model X slowly drifting towards the shoulder only to be jerked back into the lane multiple times.

It’s not clear whether the driver is initiating the corrections or the car is using its front-facing cameras to track the lines in the road and then correcting back. The movement of the electric SUV being yanked into the lane seems a bit to violent for the kind of lane keep assist that Audi, BMW, Infiniti, and Mercedes-Benz implements, and having been in the car during Tesla’s demo of its Autopilot features, it doesn’t have the polish I’d experienced.


Then again, it is a development mule. Your thoughts, as always, are welcomed.

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Maybe a mule was driving.