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High school reunions are great and terrible in every way. You get to see who got fat (hint: you), who had 12 kids (hint: Brenda), and who’s life is better than yours (hint: everyone’s). But one of the hardest things to figure out is which car to park in the lot outside.


You know, you just really know, that everyone’s going to be scanning that lot to make instant judgments about everyone. The guy with the Camry became an accountant, the lady with the Lexus is showing off, Brenda’s got the churchvan, and the Jalopnik writer has the crapcan Yugo.

But which car would be the best to bring to a high school reunion? This one isn’t as easy as it sounds. Bring a Lamborghini, and you’ll look like a douche. Bring a Passat, and Stacy will now never think you’re interesting, you won’t be able to ask her to the homecoming dance, everyone will make fun of you, and then your life would be OVER, YOU HEAR ME MOM, OVER.


Obviously, you’ll probably end up just bringing your own car, whatever you have, to the reunion. Or, you know, because of student loans, you’ll most likely end up walking. But if you could bring any one car to a high school reunion, which would you bring?

Let us know in the comments below. Or Stacy will never say yes.

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