Police: Texas Man Stole BBQ, Torched House, Led Cops On Corvette Chase

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This is a crime story out of Texas, but it’s so insane it’s downright Floridian in nature. A man in my hometown of San Antonio faces multiple felony charges after cops say he stole brisket from a barbecue joint, evaded police in a stolen truck, set a house on fire, escaped in a stolen Corvette, and then was finally arrested after crashing the sports car.

Did I mention he’s accused of swallowing heroin? He’s also accused of swallowing heroin.

TV station KSAT 12 has the scoop on Alan Meneley, 34, who was arrested Sunday on charges that he stole brisket (the sacred centerpiece of all Texas BBQ) from Augie’s Barbed Wire Smokehouse back in February. Never been there but now I have to try it.


Authorities say State Troopers found Meneley in a stolen truck, and he led them on a chase but managed to lose them. He then set a house on fire, police say, but they didn’t elaborate on whose house it was or why.

From there Meneley stole a red Corvette Stingray convertible at gunpoint and led police on another chase, as one does in a Corvette, before he wrecked into a Mustang and was taken out of the game. He then tried to swallow some heroin during his arrest and was taken to an area hospital, which he unsuccessfully also tried to escape from, cops say.

Meneley may be connected to other brisket thefts in town.

Texas, everybody!

Video screencap via KSAT 12

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I refuse to believe this is not Florida.