Jay Leno Approves Of This 300 Horsepower Scion FR-S

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It’s not easy to win the Scion Tuner Challenge at SEMA with a budget of just $15,000 and just 90 days to do the whole build, but Speedhunters’ Keith Charvonia did an excellent job with his 300 horsepower Toyobaru. That’s why it stars in the latest Jay Leno’s Garage.


Taking inspiration from the IMSA racers and Toyota Motorsport’s rich heritage, the Speedhunters Maximum Attack FR-S is a lighter, lower, wider, harder and louder version of the 2015 model that also packs about 300 horses thanks to a Cosworth supercharger kit.

Nice details like those custom wheels, the widebody, the louvered hood, the stripped interior and the utterly useless fender mirrors set this build apart from a simple boosted FR-S project, no mention that tasty livery.


If you see Jay Leno drive a Bugatti with a bumper sticker, this is why:

I want a louver press now.

Photo credit: Speedhunters

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while the rest of this car is way overdone, just look how much better this car looks without the fake plastic buick like engine vent here.