'The 1990 Buick Reatta Is One Of The Best Looking Convertibles Ever'

When the Reatta was introduced, it was just missing one thing: A convertible model. Well, for 1990, that one thing is no longer missing! The stylish top of the convertible blends seamlessly with the body. It's basically a coupe.


The top is simple to operate! All you do is open the hard tonneau. Then you get back in the car and unlatch the roof. Then you get back out of the car and force the top into its small cubby, which appears to be far too small to fit the top. But that doesn't matter! Just force it, it won't break.

This is far simpler than the Mazda Miata, which requires two latches and a nonchalant toss over your shoulder. That's so simple it's complicated.


That's what makes it "one of the best looking convertibles ever."

Ok, enough gushery from me. Check this shizzle out!

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