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• Oil prices are too high, the environment's gettin' worse — and that's just why this man wants to make it easier for Big Oil to pollute. Well — to be fair — he did wait until after Earth Day. [Detroit News]
• Dale Jr.'s flyin' the black flag this upcoming week at Talladega for Dale Sr. We're totally wellin'. [Mercury News]
• In Indiana? Got a few extra grand to spend? Love exotics and semi-exotics? Here's a way to put that extra cheddar to good use. [Gleaner]
• In Michigan, a golf cart ride turns tragic. [Freep]
• When we hear someone has "rolled their car" we think of F1 drivers too. [News & Star]
• And in the seemingly never-ending TVR saga (Day Three) — TVR has finally issued a statement on future production. Next week on As The World Turns. [Auto Industry]
• Seriously, this is one of those times where it totally makes sense to move to rather than from Michigan. The other time would be if Nissan were moving to Alabama. [Business Wire]