The Right Car For Your Neighborhood

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The Dodge Dart is the sort of car Al Bundy would have driven if he didn’t mistake a Dodge for his Plymouth Duster. But take another look at it, start smiling, and get a cheap one while you still can.


Mike Musto is half right. While I do like cars that look outrageously out of place in their neighborhood, the whole state of Michigan or Oakland or even Brooklyn deserve some murdered-out muscle car goodness on their streets. And I’m not talking about high-dollar collectibles. Nope. It’s the real daily drivers that make you look cool.

The Dart is a perfect starting point for that kind of. It’s cheap, it’s the right size, comes with plenty of style, and has all the aftermarket support you’ll ever need, plus A-body Mopars are super easy to work on.


300ish horsepower, proper underpinnings, the right attitude and some black paint can do miracles.

And don’t forget to do burnouts regularly. For the kids!

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Josh Welton

I’m moving down to the city(Detroit) this year. I got a new beater, appropriate.