As of yesterday, Jeremy Clarkson is without a job. Here at Jalopnik we've decided to help Jezza with a list options for his next big move.

Of course, before Clarkson does anything in the public spotlight he really should take some time off and figure things out. I'm no Psychologist, but if he's punching people over lack of steak, he's got some things to work out.


But once you're ready, Clarkson, here's what we think you should do.

10.) Become An F1 Commentator

From all of the narration he's done for the Stig's Hot Laps and for the Stars In Reasonably Priced Cars, we can pretty well assume that Clarkson would make an excellent commentator.

He'd add some much needed excitement to watching F1.

Suggested By: Crossdrilled, Photo Credit: Getty Images

9.) Write


He's more well known for his TV presenting, but Clarkson has written a number of books and columns for The Sunday Times and Top Gear magazine. His voice is still very strong in print, and he isn't beholden to being as over the top as he needed to be on the show.

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8.) Partner With Jay Leno


I wouldn't bet on seeing Clarkson presenting a show with anyone but Richard Hammond and James May, but the possibility of he and Leno together is rather intriguing.

Both are car fanatics of the highest order, both are excellent TV presenters, and both are hilarious. It might be crazy enough to work.


Suggested By: 8695Beaters, Photo Credit: Top Gear via YouTube

7.) Run For Office


As commenter autojim points out, Clarkson is "very well-known, hugely polarizing, outspoken, financially well-off, and generally well-connected," so he's at least 75 percent of the way there.

He can finally instate all the absurd "if I was in charge" laws he devised on Top Gear, which would be great for everyone who isn't a cyclist. Conveniently, Boris Johnson is stepping down soon.


Suggested By: autojim, Photo Credit: Getty Images

6.) Make More Special Programs


Clarkson has made many special programs over the years, and many of them are actually pretty damn interesting. I think a lot of people would love to see what he could cook up with a slightly different format than that of Top Gear.

Suggested By: 472CID, Photo Credit: Getty Images

5.) Produce/Host Documentaries


Clarkson is actually a pretty damn talented documentarian, even when he's not talking about cars so I think it'd be great if he focused his energy on documentaries.

He has the potential to shine a light onto whatever interesting topic he wants.

Suggested By: Green Pig, Photo Credit: BBC via YouTube

4.) Start A YouTube Channel


When you're an international star, why limit yourself to being on one TV channel when you can be viewed around the world on YouTube? I'm sure YT would love to bring Clarkson into the fold, and I think he'd be massively popular if they find a formula that works on the web.

People watched Clarkson online illegally anyways, so he might as well make some money off it.


Suggested By: Hone_McBone, Photo Credit: YouTube

3.) Do A Show Like No Reservations


Some of the best Top Gear was made when the team visited remote locations. Even if much of it was scripted, it often made for excellent TV.

If Clarkson were to do something in the No Reservations/Parts Unknown model, but do it focused on cars and car culture, he could have quite a big hit.


Suggested By: Kerberos824, Photo Credit: Travel Channel

2.) Make A Show For Netflix


Bring along Richard Hammond, James May, and producer Andy Wiman and resurrect the winning Top Gear formula on Netflix. They've got the budget and the reach a show like that would need.

I think all parties involved would be very happy.

Suggested By: Andy Sheehan, Streetside Stig, Photo Credit: Netflix

1.) Write For Us


Come work for us. We probably can't pay you as much as the BBC did, but we will let you say whatever the hell you want here. After all of this mess, don't you just want some freedom?

Just please don't punch us, we're a bunch of weak, nerdy bloggers.

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