Do We Need A BMW Mi8?

Evo put the BMW i8 against the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS PDK on track, only to be surprised by how much fun BMW's eco-supercar is despite making a few compromises in favor of better fuel economy. But what if the M division were to make a few modifications?

The 991 GTS is significantly faster around a track, no question about it. Not only does it come with more power thanks to that state-of-the-art flat-six, but the i8's skinny tires also give it a massive grip advantage. Now, the i8 was never designed to be a track car, and it's pretty remarkable how well it performs considering its prime directive: Being the polar bear hugging supercar of the future.

BMW's M team could certainly give it stickier tires and more kraft, but wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of the BMW i brand?


I wouldn't hold my breath.

But one thing is for sure: If they start working on it, they better finish the job this time...

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No, we do not need an i8 M. I've swapped seats back to back between my E90 M3 and the i8. They share nothing in common. The i8 is not about motorsport heritage. It's a very fun toy, but it has no place on a race track. Can't we just like something for what it is?