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Forbes has gone and done it. They've dropped their list of the Top Ten Sexiest Cars of 2006 — and there's narry a 'camino in sight. But in all seriousness, the place has totally gone downhill since Dubow left the place to peddle his wealth-porn at Business Week. That's the only reason we can think of for why they came up with the Honda Element and the Phantom as two "Sexy cars." And from what we hear, DuBow ain't making the best name for himself over at Business Week, but that's precisely the point. His attempts to spank copy-editors is already the stuff of legend. But you gotta understand, that's how DuBow rolls...and in fact, that's why he was able to roll off some of the hottest Top Ten Car lists to be found on this side of the pond. Oh DuBow, how we miss your pretentiousness.

Sexiest Cars 2006 [Forbes]

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