Jeremy Clarkson To Be Fired From Top Gear, According To Report

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According to the Telegraph, Jeremy Clarkson will be fired from the BBC after the “fracas” with a Top Gear producer.


The report says that BBC head Lord Tony Hall will make the announcement tomorrow after an investigation found that Clarkson had an altercation with producer Oisin Tymon.

Tymon was apparently verbally abused by Clarkson for 20 minutes after the Top Gear star was told that a nearby restaurant had stopped serving food, after which Clarkson reportedly physically assaulted the producer for approximately 30 seconds.

Clarkson has been suspended after the incident took place earlier this month, and the rest of season 22 of the show was cancelled.

The report states that the show will continue on BBC2, despite Clarkson's canning, and there's talk of Radio 2 Breakfast Show host and Ferrari 250 GTO owner Chris Evans possibly filling Clarkson's shoes. There's no word on whether Hammond and May will go along for the ride.


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JQJ213- Now With An Extra Cylinder!

Sad to say this is most likely the death of Top Gear as well since May and Hammond said they wouldn't do the show without Clarkson.

It hits me kinda personally honestly because Top Gear played a big part in my life (I'm 17 and have been watching the show for quite some time)

It's really sad to see the end of something that meant so much to me and a lot of other people.