Ferrari has built some rather hardcore cars for public consumption. The question is which one was the most extreme.

I have a personal soft spot for the Ferrari 348 because when it comes to cars I'm a contrarian and also because I think it looks cool and also it apparently has the best steering of any midengine V8 Ferrari, at least according to this old EVO magazine test. It is unassisted, after all.

I have even more of a soft spot for 1993's Ferrari 348 GT Competizione, the car that started this whole Stradale/Scuderia/Speciale thing. The 348 GT Competizione was built for Ferrari's one-make series for the model. Here's the race version. Not so different, is it?


The road car version knocked 190 kilos out of the car (from 1370 to 1180), which is pretty impressive given that it has what looks like a full roll cage. Ferrari didn't go for a sissy half cage like you get in a Porsche RS.


The car did lose air conditioning and floor mats, as per the hardcore road car norm. The fuel tank, despite holding a rather impressive 88 liters, was actually downsized from the regular 348's 95l! It is also possible that the Competizione only had one seat. This press photo suggests as much.

Er, maybe not. This Ferrari press photo suggests the car has two seats. Ferrari's press office is not to be trusted.


As for what was added, the thing got bigger wheels and tires (18" wheels up from 17," 239 section tires up front and 265 rear), a new multi-plate racing clutch, and brakes derived from the F40. There was no ABS. The only engine modification was a free-flowing exhaust. If you're curious, the dry-sumped 3.4 liter V8 made 320 horsepower (up from 300 standard), and 340 Nm of torque (up from 324).

Can you think of a Ferrari road car that was more of a hardcore machine than this?


Photo Credits: Ferrari

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