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What Technology Isn't On Cars But Should Be?

Illustration for article titled What Technology Isnt On Cars But Should Be?

I know we all like to bitch and moan about how cars aren't simple, stripped-out, super light machines we can all fix in our own garages with a starter set of tools. I do it too. But a lot of new car technology is actually pretty useful, and successful in making them safer and more efficient.


But sometimes new tech work as well as we want, and there's always room to grow. That's our question of the day: What technology isn't on cars, but should be?

Besides better smartphone integration like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which I'm excited about because they probably beat the hell out of most infotainment systems, I'd like to see automakers do more with HUDs and projection. Wouldn't it be nice if we could swipe through holographic menus like Tony Stark does in his workshop? Then you wouldn't have to take your eyes off the road to do stuff. That would be kinda nice.


Your turn, what tech isn't ready for prime time (or doesn't exist yet) but should be?

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Tom McParland

This is a simple one...when the wipers go on for more than a few seconds, the headlights should automatically go on. Most states have "wipers on - lights on" laws, but every time it rains I see numerous cars driving around with their lights off...and wipers going. We all know that cars with their lights on make them easier to see in bad weather. I suspect that since so many new cars have automatic lights that turn on when it is dark out, folks just forget to put their wipers on in the daytime when it rains.

So how hard would it be to have a mechanism that would automatically turn the lights on when the wipers are engaged?

(Edit: So this technology does exist on some cars, but it should be mandatory on all cars with auto lights)