What's The Best-Looking Four Door In Production?

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My coworker just stated that the Lexus GS in F-Sport trim is "one of the best looking 4 doors in production." I want to tell him that he's wrong, but aesthetics are subjective and I figured I would open up the statement to the floor, so to speak.

I'm happy that Lexus went a bit wild with the current GS, but I wouldn't exactly call it good. Interesting? Striking? Sure. Handsome? Not so much.


As a contrast, I quite like the Jaguar XE now that I've seen one in person. It's like a BMW 3er, but without all of the uneccessary creases and squiggles along the body line. The Jag is clean and simple and well-proportioned. So I like it quite a bit.

What do you think is the best-looking four door on sale today?

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