So You Want To Buy A Citroen SM...

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Ah yes. I can see it now. You and your significant other makes plans with another couple to scamper up the coast for some wine tasting north of Santa Barbara. You book rooms at the fabulous Madonna Inn and the eye-popping tour IV at Hearst Castle. Hell, you even managed to swing reservations at the Hitching Post. But what vehicle is wonderfully sublime enough for this journey? Obviously, it would need to seat four adults comfortably, haul all their luggage and of course, sport lots of ashtrays. That's right, you need a Citroen SM.


What other car was designed specifically to seat two men and two women? Exactly — none. And lest we forget, that's two men up front and two women in the back. Yeah, you simply must have an SM. You're poking around eBay and BAM! — you see an SM for $6,000. However, there are a few things to ponder before clicking "buy it now." And by a few we mean 37 specific things. No really, 37. Our favorite:

It is difficult to check the play on the rear chain. Ask the seller for work orders covering engine work. The back chain usually has to be replaced every 50,000 to 60,000 miles. Expect to spend up to a $1,300 if it hasn't been replaced in that time.


That's right — $1,300 for the rear chain. Who knows how much the other two timing chains in that sweet Maserati V6 are going to set you back. We of course wish you nothing but the best. Happy motoring! [Citroen SM Buyer's Guide]

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Al Navarro

Trying to make up for my online aspersions regarding Maserati's hirsute communications manager, I think that any of the current or past Quattroporte variants would make a great vehicle for such a tour.

Or a couple of Se7ens, natch.