Which Decade Saw The Biggest Gain In Horsepower?

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It seems like the last decade has seen more horsepower go to the average consume than ever before. Is this actually true?

I'll let my coworker Patrick George explain.

When I graduated high school a Mustang GT had 260 hp.

When the first WRX STI came over me and my ricer friends were like FUCK 300 HP.

Now your family sedan has that much.

He's being a little facetious there, but he's right — a V6 Chevrolet Impala has 305 horsepower. In the past decade we've seen huge gains in horsepower not just for muscle and sports cars, but for your average consumer automobile.


The question is, was there a decade (or era, or period) that saw even bigger jumps in horsepower? I have a few that spring to mind, but I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

Photo Credit: Subaru

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Well, for the past decade, this car is possibly the WORST example for the question.