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The car above is about as close as you can get to a universal 1960s car. It is almost entirely devoid of discerning features, markings, or anything that might stand out. It's about as ordinary a '60s car gets.

It's a 1966 Ford Fairlane. Its styling was basically a ripoff of a few-years old Pontiac, not onlike Plymouths of the era as well. Its engineering was stout and staid, as well. Even the then-best seller full size Chevy of the day was a more extraordinary vehicle.


I think of it as the most ordinary car of its decade, a sort of standard bearer for the state of car design in the period.

That, though, is up for debate.

Do you think there's a more ordinary car from the 1960s than this Fairlane? Wait, here's a better question.

What do you think was the most ordinary car of its decade?

Like, what was the most ordinary car of the '70s, or the '40s, or the 1910s or '20s? Post your answer below, and ideally we can get a whole registry of the most ordinary cars of the last 100 years together.


Photo Credit: Ford via Alden Jewell

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