This Is The New 911 You Really Want

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The current 991 generation of Porsche 911 is without a doubt the best generation since the car switched to water-cooled engines. But let's say you have an unlimited budget; which one do you buy?

The GT3? It's harsh and compromised, best suited for track duty, and every road isn't a race course. The Turbo? That has more power than you'll ever use, and will probably send your ass to jail at some point. Or the cemetery.

Instead, the case could be made that the 911 Carrera GTS is the one you really want. It's naturally aspirated. It has 30 horsepower over the base 911 and a bunch of trick toys. It comes in convertible or all-wheel drive forms. It can be had with a manual or PDK. It's even comfortable, too.


XCAR's Alex Goy says the GTS is the ultimate road-going 911 for normal people. It's a Goldilocks car — not too hard, not too soft, not too hot or cold, just right. That's a rare thing to find.

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