Deadmau5 Is Replacing The 'Purrari' With A 'Nyanborghini Purracan'

Illustration for article titled Deadmau5 Is Replacing The 'Purrari' With A 'Nyanborghini Purracan'

American Canadian hero Deadmau5 isn't going to let a lame cease-and-desist order kill his love for memes, exotic cars, or grating puns. After Ferrari quashed his 458 Italia "Purrari," the EDM artist announced on Twitter he's replacing it with a Lamborghini Huracan in Nyan Cat livery. Not bad!


Deadmau5 started tweeting about the car earlier this week with the hashtag "it's happening," although it's clear his significant other isn't too fond of the idea. (They never are.) Then he put out a render of what the car could look like:

That's awesome. And lest we think it's a ridiculous stunt (well, a fake ridiculous stunt; this is almost certainly a ridiculous stunt) the musician said it's a done deal and is coming in May.

Long live the Purracan! Long live Deadmau5!


Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

I was so hopeful that he was going to wrap his McLaren up in a Rick Astley theme. But, I guess that he's never going to give Nyan cat up. Never going to let it down, or desert it.