Video: Yes, The Ford GT Will Be The Forza 6 Cover Car

Illustration for article titled Video: Yes, The Ford GT Will Be The iForza 6/i Cover Car

The Ford GT won't be out until next year, but you'll get a chance to play it in Forza Motorsport 6 before it does. And it will be the game's cover car after all. Good day for Ford, no?

Here's the official announcement video for the game, which will be exclusive to Xbox One. I'd say that hardware makes the car look pretty good.


What do you want to see in Forza 6?

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Sir HoonsAlot

My wishlist for 6(although I haven't even gotten to 5 yet)

less dlc(just put it in the game)

Terminator Cobra

CTS-V Wagon

a little more visual parts(bumpers, wings,etc.)

actual white for the wheel colors

and bring back caliper painting