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When the Scion iM concept was first displayed back in November, we had a hunch that what looked like a gussied-up production hatchback would probably become a less-gussied production hatchback once it, you know, actually reached production. Turns out we were right.


(Commence self-back-patting, party hats, bottles of champagne sent our way in celebration of our immense genius. Also, everyone else's immense genius, because nobody didn't see this coming.)


It's essentially a Europe-market Toyota Auris, but as we noted last time, the Toyota Gods hate God's Country™, so we probably won't be getting the wealth of power and drivetrain options that the Europeans get. Not that Scion didn't say we're not getting an AWD diesel hatchback, mind you, but something tells me they'd be shouting it from the rooftops if they were.

And they aren't.

In fact, they're not really shouting much of anything, just yet. Who knows, maybe they'll actually be moving upmarket with the iM, as they've been hinting at. Though they probably won't, because this is Scion, the most ludicrously arrogant of all the Toyota divisions.

"Sure, let's show them a funky-looking concept. Then give them all a dreary hatchback, and we'll just sell 'em some dealer-installed lights. Yeah. That's what the Youths love. Dealer-installed lights on their sad little box. Love it, love it, love it."


That is how every Scion planning meeting goes, I imagine. Except for the FR-S.

The FR-S is still pretty neat.

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