Forget 2015, Here's A TVR From The 2050s!

At least according to Jeremy Clarkson's hair product fanatic cousin who fell in love with a purple car from Blackpool.

If you happen to see a TVR Cerbera on the street today, you'll never forget the sound of its 360 horsepower flat plane crank V8 that they "basically designed as a race engine." Additional features include a composite body, a leather interior with instruments nicked from a spaceship and government health warnings hidden so well that you'll never find them. Nor will you find and ABS and traction control system. With the Cerbera, it's just you and the V8.

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The results of the never ending HP wars:

~1997: 360HP! *shakes head in awe*

~2014: 360HP! *shakes head in shame*