Fan's Star Wars Trailer Makes The Millennium Falcon Fly Under A Bridge

Here's Star Wars 7 set in Budapest. And since I live here, I had to investigate whether that's a possible way to dodge TIE fighter attacks or not.


First of all, let's watch with the Star Wars: Episode 7 in Budapest trailer, a brilliant remix made by János Füzesi which proves nothing is impossible as long as you have the skill, enough free time and Adobe After Effects:

Excellent job indeed, but I feel I have to dissect the second bridge scene a little bit further.

Flying under a bridge in Budapest is nothing new. Peter Besenyei was the first to do it with his aerobatic aircraft under the Chain Bridge in preparation for the Red Bull Air Race. Having said that, the underside of the Elisabeth Bridge remains virgin territory.

The Corellian Engineering Corporation's Millenium Falcon, originally known as the YT-1300 492727ZED is 27.13 feet (8.27 meters) tall including its lower cannon and upper sensor array.

Since the distance between the Elisabeth Bridge's surface and the Danube is always changing, I don't have an exact figure at hand, but I know that the gate towers on both sides are a bit more than 134.5 feet tall.


Width won't be an issue since the longest span is 951.44 feet, and judging by the proportions, I believe it's safe to say that there is more than 30 feet between the water and the steel structure for a skilled pilot to guide through a YT-1300 light freighter, even if it happens to be a heavily modified one.

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I'm certain Chewie could do it.

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