You Can't Beat A 1952 MG With A 350 Chevy V8

When you find an old car in somebody's backyard that needs a full restoration job, you might as well jam a 350 horsepower stroked small block in it instead of its original 48 hp four banger, just for the fun of it.

That's exactly what David Stenmark did back in the seventies in his garage in Rhode Island, upsetting the old school MG community and doing wheelies where he didn't necessarily intend to.


Before Jay Leno got it, the little MG TD ran 10.7 second quarter miles on nitrous. Thanks to its custom ECU and fuel injection, the stroked 350 sends a healthy 340 horses to those giant rear wheels without any boost. Forget corners, though, this exercise is all about straight line speed and smoky burnouts.

While it wouldn't even be legal on this side of the planet due to its fenders not covering the wheels, that's okay in California, but to make it slightly less of a life hazard, Jay's first step was to upgrade the front brakes to something beefier.

Remember, it will fit, eventually!

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I never put together how similar early MGs are to 1930s American cars. 1950s Britain was really behind the times (almost as though they had a war or something...)