Scary Crash Test Shows Why You Don't Want A Chinese Mini Cooper Clone

As someone who's spent most of his driving life tooling blissfully around in cars that are, by modern standards, deathtraps, it's sort of satisfying to see that old deathtrap touch isn't totally gone from modern cars. Like this Lifan 320, which collapses like your uncle's cool pocket drinking cup in a crash test.

The Lifan 320 is probably best known for looking a hell of a lot like a modern Mini Cooper, but with four doors. I think it's actually a pretty appealing-looking car, but seeing that steering wheel fly off at about 1:35 makes even a moron like me a little nervous.


I hope those crash test dummies have good insurance.

(Thanks, Autoblog Uruguay!)

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Is chinese

Is cheap replica of mini cooper

Has less scary crash test than my current vehicle