What's The Rarest 'Normal' Car?

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Rarity is a big part of what makes some cars so valuable, but it's important to remember that rarity ≠ value. On a supercar, rarity is called 'exclusivity.' On most lesser vehicles, rarity is called 'people were too smart to buy these shitboxes.' So what's the rarest non-supercar you can think of?


I think one of the best examples of this highly exclusive club has to be the Saab 9-4X. Built on GM's Theta platform, this premium SUV was one of the last cars that GM made and slapped Saab badges on. It was the first and only Mexican-built Saab, and they only made 457 of them.

Just to compare, Ferrari will build 499 LaFerraris. So, if you park your Saab 9-4X next to a LaFerrari, you can loudly brag about having the rarer car. And then open all the doors and stand back so all those honeys can come pouring in.


So what's your pick for the rarest of the normals?

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I've only ever seen maybe a half dozen. I've seen far far far more Exotics than this thing.