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Lately, we've totally been diggin' on CNN Money's Peter Valdes-Dapena. He's created some of the more funny auto web-icles we've seen outta the MSM. His latest showed us this man truly can mine gold. And please keep in mind, he's had some mad funny stuff like his CNN piece entitled "Corvette Z06: Something wicked and his comparison piece, Rolls Royce Phantom vs. the Maybach 57S. Come on, we so never get tired of lines like:

"You may never have the opportunity to peel out and smoke the rear tires on a $350,000 Rolls Royce Phantom, but if you ever get the chance, here's how...OK, that was fun. But it's a bit like belching in a cathedral so you can hear the echo, isn't it? Kind of funny but... please."

We totally know what ya mean, Pete. We belch in cathedrals all the time. But his latest feature to hit the CNN front page is absolutely epic. We know we've always wanted to know how the super-rich go car shopping, and we know you did too. Take a gander, and then give Valdes-Dapena some love from us, k?

How the super-rich go car shopping [CNN/Money]

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