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In a move tantamount to selling the Brooklyn Bridge, the New Orleans public school system decided to sell off one of the 250+ school buses damaged from Hurricane Katrina. These are the same school buses which could have been available post-Katrina for evacuation of residents, but instead were parked in lots below sea level. Did we mention they were rendered unusable due to flooding? Yeah, they were. Like any enterprising scool district faced with leaving a great number of children behind, they put it up on eBay, figuring someone would decide the bus was their "it." Well, good move, cause the rusting wreck received bids approaching $6,700! Talk about money for nothin', right? Well, not so fast. In a Chertoff-like display of bureaucratic ignorance, the school system's lawyer nixed the sale temporarily due to an administrative oversight. Jeez...can't New Orleanians get a break just once?

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