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Jim Padilla, not to be confused with the cricket of the same first name, announced his retirement this afternoon effective July 1st. Padilla, 59, is widely known as the person who helped Ford management reconnect with the line workers and dealers in the post-Jacques Nasser world of late 2001 when he took over North American Operations. Padilla was named President and Chief Operating Officer in 2004. Padilla told Tom Walsh of the Detroit Free Press today he has

"been strapped to the wheel for a long time and this is something that my wife and I have discussed, that Bill and I have discussed, and it's a good's time for these younger leaders to show their wares..."

We truly hope that in "showing their wares" and becoming "strapped to the wheel" these younger leaders he speaketh of keep their clothes on. Unless they are Swedish and huge breasted, cause that would be hot.

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