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Take a look where you're livin'/You got the army in the streets/And the RUC dog of oppression/Is barking at your feet.

Back in the summer of 1993, we were rocking in a shed right off the Bryansford Road, outside Newcastle, Northern Ireland. We might well have been wearing a Pantera shirt. We were probably also the only individual in Ulster wearing shorts who wasn't going to the beach that day. And sure 'nuff, the Royal Ulster Constabulary showed up. Not in a Saracen Armored Personnel Carrier — one of the iconic vehicles of the Troubles — but in a red, unmarked, bulletproof Ford Sierra. We totally should've played Black Flag's "Police Story" right in his face. But then he would've busted us for being Catholic. Still if you wanna buy a Saracen, there's one for 25k OBO up right now. Just be prepared for us to rock early antiauthoritarian hardcore anthems on your ass if you buy it.

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