Afroduck Trial Starts And Prosecution Compares Lap To Monaco F1 Race

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Internet mysterio and Manhattan lap record holder Afroduck's trial started today and immediately descended into "unbelievable comedy theater," as Alex Roy, Jalopnik's man on the scene, reports. To begin, a twenty minute discourse on the Monaco Grand Prix.

Yes, the prosecution began by going off on an extended explanation of the F1's race at Monaco according to Roy. It culminated when the prosecution compared it all to Afroduck, that he had tried to hold his own personal F1 race.

"I'm serious," confirmed Roy, when I pressed him if this actually happened.

The prosecution allegedly then continued, noting that Adam Tang twice passed a car within inches, and once passed a car while flashing his headlights and using his horn. Speeds were claimed to be as high as 70 miles per hour, once breaking 100.


According to Roy, there were points when the audience could barely contain laughter at (as the defense later pointed out) what sounded like an ordinary commute in New York City.

Roy says he left after the opening statements, but reportedly representatives from Facebook and Google went on afterwards. The prosecution had focused on how Afroduck had bragged on Facebook about what he did.

The crux of this case is whether or not Afroduck's driving was reckless and it's expected that, as a Canadian citizen, he would be deported if found guilty. The case will continue next week.

Photo Credit: Getty Images (Monaco GP pictured)

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Wait wait wait wait just a minute here. This guy allegedly speeds through Manhattan and if found guilty they want to deport him to Canada, but that dingleberry Bieber does all sorts of silly garbage including reckless driving while high/drunk, egging his neighbor's house, steals cell phones from fans, and hotboxes his charter jets and we can't send that POS back to Canada? I don't know what justice is, but I know what it isn't!